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Tannis Zamora, Loan Signing Agent

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Rates for General Notarizations

$2.25 per Signature
$2.25 per Signature
$1.50 + $1.00 for recording

per Signature charge plus mileage charges as follows:

Zip code - 37144 = $85

All other zip codes start at $110

eDoc Fee up to 100 pages $35

eDoc over 100 pages $50

Eastern Franklin County starts at $185

Jails = $135 (within 65 miles)

Prisons = $185 (within 65 miles)

"Please Note: An email will confirm our fee agreement made by phone and the price quoted is the fee agreed upon by both parties and is not subject to arbitrary reduction or increase by either party. Your invoice will be for the amount you agreed on...

My fees are not contingent upon loan funding. As an impartial witness I am to be fully compensated regardless of the outcome of the loan, or the decision of a borrower to exercise their right of rescission (RIGHT TO CANCEL).

If these terms are not acceptable, please cancel the order before I print the documents.

Documents that May Not be Notarized or Certified by a Notary Public

Marriage Certificates

Death Certificates

Birth Certificates

or any other document that is recorded with some type of entity whether it be the Secretary of States office. a court of law, a county clerk, or the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Certified copies may be obtained by contacting such entities.

Tannis Zamora, Loan Signing Agent

* Bonded and Fully Insured*

(931) 659-6024 Office * Mobile (931) 625-7329 * eFax: (931) 659-6024

eMail: tt4trouble@yahoo.com * 23 Lane Street, Petersburg, TN 37144

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